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Lacquered Wood Stool

Max Lamb x Hidetaka Wakashima

Wood is the traditional base material for lacquer ware, its porosity allowing the liquid lacquer to penetrate into the grain structure and form a very durable homogenous bond. But typically the wood is processed to such an extent that the material becomes unidentifiable once lacquered and the naturally irregular grain pattern inherent to wood is lost, perhaps wasted even. My Lacquered Wood Stool attempts to celebrate these qualities by adopting primitive green-woodworking techniques to transform a tree into stool. By splitting (or cleaving as it is known) a log by axe and froe, the wood splits along the grain and the natural structure of the tree is maintained. The wood grain can be both felt and seen, thus once the lacquer is applied to the wood the nature of the tree continues to exist.

Dimensions: 444 x 278 x 474 mm

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